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We score 4.60 out of 5 based on 623 reviews

Based on 623 reviews
Highly Recommend

I have been taking Lion’s Mane Save for the past 4 months with incredible improvements in my focus, memory, energy and brain fog. Highly highly recommended.

Good Stuff

great stuff, keep it in the refrigerator to keep the capsules stay fresh longer.

Works for brain fog

Tried all the name brands for my severe brain fog and this one has worked the best!

Great substitute

I've swapped my morning caffeine for Lions Mane and I feel more alert and energized than I did before!

We will be buying more!

I frequently experience having brain fog and I purchased this product on the recommendation of a doctor. My husband and I are taking this together and currently are three weeks in and we are so happy with how we are feeling. My husband says he not only physically feels better but can now remember why he enters a room haha. I have noticed better focus and mental clarity since day one ... we will most definitely buy more!

Great for studying

I'm currently in school and I COULD NOT believe how well I was remembering what I was studying. I first though I was experiencing a placebo effect, but then I realized that memory doesn’t operate based on belief. Super impressed with how good this stuff is.

Great for anxiety

If you have anxiety, this is great for it

Excited to try

I heard this works wonders for depression.. I’m ready to use natural remedies and excited to get my order

Love it

Love this brand. I’ve been buying from them for almost a year now.

Rock on

Anyone else feel like this is the best supplement out there? Lions Mane rocks

High in antioxidants

Got some Lions mane Save for it’s antioxidant properties

Fast shipping

Fast shipping

Really works

Long story short I started taking these about 12 weeks ago. After the six week mark I didn’t feel like they were doing anything until I stopped taking them and could see how much of a difference they actually made! I instantly bought more and plan on using as a daily supplement for a long long time.

Helps my ADHD

Since taking Lions Mane Save it has helped with my ADHD


Super impressed with the quality of this brand, and happy they don’t use fillers.

Mental Health

Taking this has significantly helped my mental health.

Increase in mood and clarity

I have noticed an increase in my mood, mind clarity, and not as much brain fog.

Makes you feel good!

Company makes great products. I have purchased this and several other vitamins from them and i love this product. Works very well and makes you feel great!

Glad i started

Great MG and dosage. Truly love this product and never been happier i decided to start taking it

Helping big time!

I have been taking this only 2 weeks so far i have seen a change though in my mental clarity. Ever since getting sick i have had major brain fog and i can tell this stuff is helping big time

High dosage that works

I have a lot of gut health issues. I take all the products, probiotics been to all the doctors and i wanted a good addition to what i was already taking. I am so thrilled i found this! I feel so good and take 2 of them daily

Referred Friend

I was referred by my friend to buy some and super glad they told me about these! Love it!


Really like how I feel after taking these. Haven't felt any negative side effects, and truly feel a sense of clarity

Brain Health

Lion's Mane is said to help with cognitive health and I am getting to the age where I need all the protection I can get. Excited to see how these work for me over time, so far no complaints.

Good Choice

This is a great supplement. Delivery was quick, the bottles were well sealed, no crazy side effects. Helps so so much with my mental clarity and focus.


We have found the purest Lion’s Mane available with a 1000mg serving size! It’s potent, it’s effective! Lions Mane has been used for centuries to protect against memory loss and dementia, reduce mild anxiety and depression, control blood sugar levels and repair nerve damage. There are many speculated benefits to taking Lion’s Mane. This is why we only offer the purest form available. The serving size is the maximum amount your body can process each day ensuring its effectiveness.


  • We utilize our state of the art FDA certified lab to produce the highest quality Lions Mane supplement on the market.
  • We offer a 1000mg serving size to ensure results.
  • Our lab is GMP compliant, registered in the United States.
  • We offer unlimited customer support via phone, email or chat.
  • We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


We currently ship Lions Mane Save to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. If you need your order sooner, we offer Priority and Overnight shipping as well. Our packages are discreet to ensure your privacy. Our Lion’s Mane is shipped within 1 business day to ensure your satisfaction!

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